About us

We are the Slovak transport company, found in 2011 and since that time we have acquired a lot of experiences, we are offering to you now.  We are providing an international and domestic express transport and logistics

Our core business includes a settlement of day-to-day needs of our Customers in the area of road transport. We use our own and contractual vehicles for transport of goods, so we are able to provide any type of vehicle and any type of transport.  We have experienced team with up-to-date equipment available.  Excellence in our business is our goal.

We respect our Customers and repeated use of our services is the best honor.  We transport all types and kinds of shipments (various sizes and dimensions), including the packages and palettes.  We focus not only to the transport of shipments but especially to Customer´s satisfaction with the services rendered.

Brief company info

Our Company provides a transport of express and carload shipments within a shortest time possible.  Our experienced team is a guarantee of your satisfaction and safe shipment delivery. 

Contact details


Vojany 315, 076 72 Vojany, Slovakia

 +421 944 938 337