We provide a freight domestic and international transport of goods of various types and sizes. In transport services we focus especially on transport of goods to Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and back to Slovakia. 

We are fully aware that transport of oversize cargo can be problematic.  Therefore, we offer you an option of transport to destination specified by you.   If you are not an owner of truck, you will appreciate this service.  Why trying to find a truck when we are able to provide one?

Transportation Process

  • Communication with customer - Price quotation - Price offer - Offer acceptance - Order - Order confirmation
  • Communication Operator & Driver - Informing driver about loading process - Confirmation of loading point - Driver transfer to loading point
  • Loading - Loading check - Loading goods - A reconciliation of the amount of loaded goods with customers - Leave point of loading
  • Transport - GPS based driver control during whole transport
  • Unloading - Unloading check - Unloading goods - Informing the customer that unloading is finished


We are available non-stop, 365 days a year.  We speak in several world languages so the Customer only places an order, there is nothing to worry more about.   Customer always gets detailed information on location of goods, time of unloading and/or any other requested information.  We are able to answer your inquiry for transport within 30 minutes and our prices are "all in" prices, if not otherwise agreed.

Our Company continuously improves the services rendered.  Such improvement results in higher number of satisfied Customers.  Our Customer is a priority for us, so our whole effort and attention is focused on our Customers.  We believe that you will be satisfied with our service offer.  Do not hesitate to send us any suggestions and remarks.  In case of any specific requirements do not hesitate to contact us. We will find a solution for you!

Brief company info

Our Company provides a transport of express and carload shipments within a shortest time possible.  Our experienced team is a guarantee of your satisfaction and safe shipment delivery. 

Contact details


Vojany 315, 076 72 Vojany, Slovakia

 +421 944 938 337