FTL / Full Truck Loading

We offer an option of FTL / Full Truck Loading transport of goods - either regular or as required by the Customer (both, export and import).  We have all types of semitrailers available, so we are able to transport any type of goods.

PARAMETERS OF FTL / Full Truck Loading

  • Goods transport in large-capacity semitrailers (Jumbo, Megatrailer)
  • Hazardous goods transport acc. to ADR Treaty
  • Oversize goods transport in special vehicles (Plato, Lowdeck)
  • Goods transport in refrigerator and isothermal vehicles
  • Coil transport in Coil Mulda semitrailers
  • Goods transport in special RollerBed semitrailers

Brief company info

Our Company provides a transport of express and carload shipments within a shortest time possible.  Our experienced team is a guarantee of your satisfaction and safe shipment delivery. 

Contact details


Vojany 315, 076 72 Vojany, Slovakia

 +421 944 938 337